Will 70-year-old Vinod Rai still attend BCCI meetings?

MUMBAI: Ever since he turned 70 on Wednesday, Committee of Administrators (CoA) head Vinod Rai has pulled in "undesirable enthusiasm" in his age from the BCCI individuals, who have been banned from the Board once they touch 70, according to the Supreme Court-acknowledged Lodha changes.

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While previous BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah, who has been precluded from holding any post or going to any board meeting of the BCCI as he is over 70, was the first to wish "upbeat birthday" to Rai, in a message bound with mockery about age, another BCCI part has scrutinized the "twofold norms" of the CoA head, considering that the CoA itself should execute the Lodha changes.

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He uncovered that in April, Rai sent a mail (a duplicate is with TOI) to BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary, denoting a duplicate to all the workplace bearers and authorities in the Board, soliciting Choudhary to gather a gathering from the National Cricket Academy (NCA), in which nobody who is over 70 would be permitted.

"Since he has turned 70, will Rai go to the gatherings of the Board? Or on the other hand are the standards diverse for the CoA, since it is overseeing the BCCI and was named by the SC," he pondered.

Given beneath is the email sent by Rai on April 20 to Choudhary.

"If you don't mind gather a gathering of the National Cricket Academy Board ("NCA Board") at the most punctual to consider the accompanying issues and give its data sources consequently to the Committee of Administrators:

1. The proposed association structure for National Cricket Academy and the requirement for those positions which have not as of now been endorsed by the Committee of Administrators.

2. The draft proposition in connection to the offices at the new National Cricket Academy grounds.

3. The proposal of shaping a different board of trustees to oversee the way toward setting up the new National Cricket Academy.

If it's not too much trouble take note of that amid its gathering hung on twelfth April 2018, the COA has chosen that people who pull in the accompanying preclusions might not be allowed to be a piece of any Committee/Sub-Committee of BCCI (counting however not constrained to the NCA Board):

(an) A man who isn't subjects of India;

(b) A man who has accomplished the age of 70 years;

(c) A man who has is proclaimed to be wiped out, or of unsound personality;

(d) A man who is a Minister or government hireling;
(e) A man who holds any office or post in a games or athletic affiliation or league separated from cricket;

(f) A man who has been an Office Bearer of the BCCI for a combined time of 9 years; and

(g) A man who has been charged by a Court of Law for having carried out any criminal offense.
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